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A Dam Lie – A great injustice is taking place in Uganda

A great injustice is taking place in Uganda. The White Nile is a very special river spiritually, environmentally, economically and for adventure water sports. In 2007 The World Bank funded the ‘Bujagali Hydropower project’ which flooded a large and very special area, including many homes and unique river features in order to create power for Uganda. Because of this an indemnity agreement, called the ‘Kalagala Offset area’ was created, between the International Development Association (World Bank) and the Ugandan Government. The agreement was made to mitigate the damages caused by the Bujagali dam and it stated that the area set aside would not be flooded by another Hydro project.

This is where the injustice starts; The Chinese Exim bank are loaning the Ugandan government $570 Million US dollars to build the ‘Isimba Hydropower project’ which when complete will flood much of the Kalagal Offset area that they have sworn to protect.

So far the the World Bank and The International Development Association and have done very little to stop the dam from going ahead, even though they signed the Indemnity agreement to protect the area and people livelihoods.

There are many corrupt side stories that surround the whole project, which make it to be a scandal of epic proportion. We are seeking help to raise awareness about what is happening before its too late. We wish to show the World Bank that their lack of action and commitment to the situation will not go unnoticed if they fail to act on their promise. Building of the dam is in its beginning stages so we need to act fast.

Please visit our Facebook page to find out how you can help. >>> facebook.com/saveadventuretourisminUganda?fref=ts

by: Jake Holland

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