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The IBS Regents Trip (Entry #13 Short Film of the Year Awards 2020)

An epic tale of adventure and mishap portrayed by *Interlocking Brick System. The film was filmed during lockdown as an entry to my local kayaking club’s film competition. I don’t own a Go Pro so it was the only way I could enter. The soundtrack was written and recorded by myself, the whole project took just over a week to complete. The river is a real UK river, I hope you can recognise as the Tryweryn! The journey is based on a few real events, one of my journeys to Wales our car’s roof rack lost a part, luckily another car from my group was nearby and rescued the boats! The helmet in the wrong shuttle happened (as I’m sure it has to many) and one of our poor paddlers did loose his paddle on the Crake recently too (if you find it please contact me we can reunite it with him, its a black split).
By: Stephanie Shore From: Uk

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