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Pucronicles- Episode 3, Rio Puesco is under threat

Hydroelectric projects threaten 59 rivers and streams of Pucón and Curarrehue, which constitutes 99% of the Trankura river basin

A unique habitat for endemic species like the Condor, Puma, Cauquen, Pajaro Carpintero, Patos Correntinos and Puyenes will be placed at risk.

The 52 km of high tension power lines will not only affect quality of life, landscape and real estate values, but it will also facilitate access to the national energy network for projects currently on hold due to the low voltage lines currently in place.

276 has. of our beautiful sorroundings and 160 has. of native forest will be gone forever

Hydro Puesco will create 300 new jobs for 2 years during its construction, but only 5% of the workforce will be hired locally. It will sustain only 12 employees for the operation, while eliminating jobs in tourism and agriculture which support thousands along the Trankura valley.

A unique whitewater paradise will be lost forever.  Take action now and help, more information:


Pucronicles- Episode 3, Rio Puesco is under threat By: Sam Ricketts (Footage by Buena Linea and Sea to Sky Whitewater)

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