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New @ PADDLEexpo 2017 – Pyranha, Ripper

The Ripper takes the #FastIsFun ethos introduced by the 9R, and combines it with a playful stern for an extra dose of adrenaline.

With enough volume to take on almost any river, in the Ripper you’ll be stern squirting out of eddies, dip turning around rocks, and soul surfing every wave… after all, kayaking is meant to be fun!

#PlayTheRiver is back.

Key Features

Low Volume Stern
Carefully tailored for downriver vertical moves, and low profile to allow unhindered back deck rolls and kickflips.

Planing Hull with Maximum Waterline
Super-fast, highly manoeuvrable, and perfectly suited to surfing.

Pyranha Ripper ©kayaksession.com

Extreme Bow Rocker Profile
Keeps your face dry when surfing, and allows you to ride over most features when blasting downriver.

Full Volume Bow
Punches through larger features, whilst also offering ample foot room and plenty of volume for huge pop outs.

Bow Control Edges

For carving performance on waves and downriver manoeuvrability, softening towards the stern for forgiveness and to keep the hull loose for flat spins.

Pyranha Ripper ©kayaksession.com

Full Plate Footrest
An essential safety feature for running higher grades of whitewater, protecting your legs from the force of an impact or piton.

3 Full Sized Handles + 2 Security Points
Another essential for running rivers of grade 3 and above, offering unrestricted rescue and boat handling versatility, both on and off the water.

Pre-Production Specs

Length: 271cm / 8′ 11″ – Width: 64cm / 25.2″

Small/Medium : TBC

More info go to Pyranha.com

This serie of articles, called “NEW @ PADDLEexpo 2017” showcase the products that are competing for the « Coolest Product of the Show Awards »
It is produced by KS Publishing (publishers of Kayak Session, Paddle World and Sup World magazine.
PADDLEexpo is the world’s largest paddlesport-specific trade show (‘trade show’ meaning entrance is reserved for professionals) highlighting what the general public will find on shelves and in stores in 2018. It includes everything from kayaks and canoes to stand-up paddle boards and inflatables, with the apparel and accessories needed for it all. See the product and meet the manufacturer at PADDLEexpo 2017 in Nuremberg >www.paddleexpo.com

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