Kayak Session #59 – FALL 2016

Kayak Session #59 – FALL 2016


JARBIDGE-BRUNEAU CANYON –  IDAHO – Deep in the desert canyons of the Jarbidge-Bruneau river system, a group of kayakers discover a hidden world of hot springs, unique rock formations, fun whitewater, birds of prey and, above all, solitude.

INTERVIEW – MAT DUMOULIN – Born and raised in France’s renowned wine country, Mat Dumoulin’s liquid of choice is clearly whitewater. With podium results from Europe to North America, the nine-time French Freestyle Champion has the business side of kayaking down, as well as the technique and big water guts.

BALKAN RIVERS TOUR  – Covering 390 km by kayak on 23 rivers in 6 countries, kayakers in southeastern Europe bring together conservation organizations, local people and paddlers from around the world to fight for free flowing rivers. The Balkan Rivers Tour is proof that paddlers with a common goal can make a big difference.

PROFILE – QUÉBEC CONNECTION – Deep in the woods of northern Québec, a band of brothers are exploring the seemingly endless supply of rivers in their backyard and sharing them with the world. Their progression of cold water steep creeking and big volume paddling comes from a strong connection to their home province and solid friendships based on trust and kayaking.

STAKEOUT – FROM THE SKY – With spring and melting snow, the giants of the north emerge in Canada and freestyle kayakers searching for big water and big air migrate to northern Québec to see what Stakeout 2016 will provide.

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