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Huge Water Levels for the 2015 Outdoor Mix

Six days away from the 2015 edition of the Outdoor Mix, the rivers in Southern French Alps are on flood which promise an unreal event this year folks!
The OutdoorMix organizers are in the starting blocks ! These guys are going to be lucky once again with a 4-day massive rain schedule, right before the event dates. And of course, the forecast is so nice with the organizers that the event will take under the sun with hot temperature. Big waterlevel guarantee, already rising fast! No doubt that the elements are with them!
Today the online subscription is closing, but you can still sign in directly on the event villagefrom wenesday evening. The Outdoormix is proud to see the subscription score going so big. No doubt that this 3edition of Outdoormix Festival will make again a strong buzz. 30 000 visitors expected  for this year. Don’t miss that crazy sport and music festival !


Donat Chardin_ Xboater _ Paddlers Dumoulin Deguil

©kayaksession.com / www.outdoormixfestival.com

Mathieu Dumoulin_Safety on the Guil

©kayaksession.com / www.outdoormixfestival.com

credit gautier boudat

©kayaksession.com / www.outdoormixfestival.com

credit gerard diamante

©kayaksession.com / www.outdoormixfestival.com

Mathieu Dumoulin_paddler Val Groll

©kayaksession.com / www.outdoormixfestival.com

Donat Chardin_ sam on the long race guil

©kayaksession.com / www.outdoormixfestival.com

Mathieu Dumoulin_paddler Deguil E

©kayaksession.com / www.outdoormixfestival.com

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