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FutaXL 2016 – Boatercross

Here is a video I put together of the first event of the most epic kayak competition in South America, the FutaXL on the Futaleufú river in southern Chile. It is boatercross, which consists of four kayakers head to head in a race through the rapids Toro and Mundaca. The festival brings together some of the best and most passionate kayakers in the world and places them in the mighty Futaleufú river. The FutaXL also works to unite the local community with the massive community of kayakers that make the pilgrimage to the Futa every year. It is an event that hopes to highlight the importance and relevance of fighting for the unspoiled wild places in this world that deserve to be saved from hydroelectric development. For more information about the fight for places like the Futa, visit our friends at futaleufuriverkeeper.org/

By: Wes McCue

Watch the Giant Slalom video report: HERE

Watch the Downriver Race video report: HERE

Rivers like the Rio Futaleufú are constantly under threat of hydroelectric development and unless there are people willing to fight for these wild places, we will lose them forever. If you are interested in being a part of this fight, large or small, please visit our friends at futaleufuriverkeeper.org

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