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Dane Jackson on Ozone Falls with Eric Jackson and Nick Troutman

Watch Dane Jackson run 100+ ft Ozone Falls


The Basics: Ozone Falls is one of the biggest, cleanest and easiest access waterfalls in the whole Southeast. It is visually spectacular, and for those few paddlers looking to run a 100+-ft waterfall, make this the first stop while it’s still raining as it drops fast. Run once before, by Pat Keller in 2013.

Paddler: Dane Jackson

Highlights: Dane hits the shallow lip, threatening to pitch-pole, but pulls off a few strokes and keeps himself vertical. Not quite making the tuck for impact, he takes a hard hit and misses a roll but after getting his wind back is fine.

Location: Crab Orchard, TN – Legality: Undetermined – Dangers: Sieves and wood just downstream. Questionable pool depth.

Rain Needed: Morning after 3-4 inches or during a fast 2+, as this river drops very quickly.

River Level Gauge: Must be checked visually, but for rain in Crab Orchard: https://lakeinfo.tva.gov/web/precip.htm

First Documented Descent: Pat Keller 2013

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