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Asian Ice Melt in Tajikistan (Entry #18 Short Film of the Year Awards 2020)

Big mountains, big glaciers. Asian sun makes these glaciers melt very hard bringing loads and loads creamy sandy juicy into huge rivers of the Zerafshan, Fan and Pamir mountain ranges.Muksu expedition is the cherry of the trip! All the beta is in the whitewater.guide app.
Featuring: Sergey Ilin, Jakub Sediviy, Matthias Friedl, Krsitof Stursa, Dan Rea Dickens, Luka Rebersak, Andrej Bijuklic and Mike Krutyansky.
Filmed by: Mike Krutyansky, Anastasiia Gaydarova, Philipp Brunner, Kai Franzke, Simon Gegg.
Edited by Mike Krutyansky From: Russia

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