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2014 Derby du Veneon

The Derby du Veneon is over and it was a great success!

18 teams of 3 paddlers entered this great event where you have to go down 5K of class 4/5 to go down as fast as you can.

The race format is interesting as you have time to go through a lot of different physical states between the start and finish line, but you always have your mind focused on being fast on the water. Every body enjoyed being emerged for so long in this amazing piece of wilderness!

It’s very high in altitude and you never know if you will have a sunny hot day or snow, but this year it looks like every thing was perfect. A pretty good flow, hot sunny days, every body was all smile out there!

Mat Dumoulin, David Pierron and Paolo Wilam Rosso won the 3d edition of the Derby du Veneon race, with a 33 minutes 56 seconds time. They took over Happydesc team, a great team of wildwater racers who were dominating the event since the first year.

A great event where performance joins outdoor love for 3 days high in the mountain, in one of the most preserved valley of the Alps. The party raged after the race and the athmosphere was great. Some good local food and some great speeches about every body’s line later, every body slept and went to paddle the race section or the class 5 gorge below.

To be continued, next year, second weekend of september!


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