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The first edition of Montréal en Eau-Vive

The first edition of Montréal en Eau-Vive took place on August 16th-17th, 2014.

It was located approximately 15 minutes from downtown Montréal on the famous St-Laurence River.  The event was a 2016 Whitewater Grand Prix qualifier consisting of a freestyle competition on a wave known as Mavericks and a boater-cross down the Rapides de St-Catherine. Competitors were given a lift over to Mavericks via jet skis, which for many paddlers was their first opportunity to surf the elusive wave. Known for being dynamic, angled, and incredibly steep, the difficult nature of the wave rewarded the most determined and skilled freestyle paddlers.

Day 2 was race-day on the notorious Rapides de St-Catherine. The rapids are practically unknown by the majority of kayakers due to the fact that access is incredibly difficult. Thanks to Saute-Moutons Excursions competitors were shuttled up these enormous rapids on a jet boat. Several athletes were referring to the rapids as, The dark side a Lachine due to their mysterious nature. In the end, Kalob Grady (CAN) and Marcos Gallegos (CHL) tied for first overall, earning them the opportunity to compete in the 2016 Whitewater Grand Prix, also to be held in Quebec. Montréal en Eau-Vive will return again in mid-August of 2015.  For more information, find us in Facebook!

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