Awards 2020 Paddlers Awards Winners – Quebec Connection (Paddling Crew Award)

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2020 Paddlers Awards Winners – Quebec Connection (Paddling Crew Award)

This new award, the Crew Award, is an important one, for it celebrates what is key when going out on the river: the team. The people you share the river with, the people who push you, who you rely on, and whom without, a day on the water is simply not the same. In the past few years, among the many crews worldwide, one has continually stood out from the pack. Of course, for their river achievements, but also for the spirit the « QC Boyz » bring to everything they do, a constant and contagious stoke for life and whitewater. Fun comes first for these guys, who over the past two years have become TV celebs in Canada through a show called Expedition Kayak, viewed by millions of spectators. With Expedition Kayak, the QC Boyz bring a mainstream audience the very best of whitewater kayaking in terms of performance and share the true spirit of whitewater culture. Merci et bravo les boyz. Never stop being connected to the river.

The Jury

Marian Saether (Nor), Rush Sturges (Usa), Kalob Grady (Can), John Haines (Uk), Vavra Hradilek (Cz Rep.), Anna Bruno (Usa), Mike krutyansky (Russia), Joaquim Fontane (Catalunya), Ben Stooksberry (Usa), Jacques Gilardone (Italy), Mira Kodada (Cz rep.), Shane Benedict (Usa), Clay Wright (Usa), John Grace (Usa)

Each member of the jury gives his winner in each category. Contenders with the most votes win their category.

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