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Serrasolses brothers Reel 2014

In 2013 the Serrasolses brothers had one of their most insane seasons ever… With Aniol making a huge comeback after a serious broken back in the summer of 2012 and Gerd winning the AWP race series after almost drowning in the Agua Azul, Mexico.
They embarked on a journey to refind themselves, to find joy on any kind of whitewater, to become better paddlers than they had ever been and to explore the amazing world that is out there !!!
Huge thanks to Substantial media house, Big O prod and Verve for their conttribution on the footage !

21 pilots – Guns for hands
Flume – Insane moon holiday
21 pilots – semi automatic

Shot by: 
SB productions
Substantial Media house – Evan garcia & Fred Norquist
Verve producciones
Big O prod – Olaf Obsommer & Jared Meehan

Additional shots: Ben Stookesberry, Adrian Kiernan, Eric Parker, Ryan Lucas, Marcelo Galizio, Aleix Salvat, Alicia Casas

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