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Solo Session on the Jocassee

Soulful solo session kayaking in Jocassee after some recent rains.  My primary crew is in Chile or with family for the holidays so I had the opportunity to do a bit of soul searching on some hard whitewater by myself.  The feelings of self reliance, clarity, connection, danger, and reward are all heightened on solo missions like these. By: Boyd Ruppelt
Note from the author:  Paddling alone is never something I really recommended and it’s inherently more dangerous because, obviously, there’s no one to bail you out.  If you ever decide to do it yourself, please be smart and at least have a phone buddy to call before and after so someone knows when and where to come looking, if, or when, you’re stuffed into that pretty little meat grinding sieve all by yourself.  Don’t try this at home kids!

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