Contest Short Film of the Year Awards 2020 – Final Results Announced

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Short Film of the Year Awards 2020 – Final Results Announced

Entry #16, One and no More by Mikel Sarasola. was voted Best 2020 Short Film of the year in whitewater. Entry# 46 Innbrooklyn by Adrian Mattern & Bren Orton takes second place and a Little Rapid somewhere in Tibet by Olaf Obsommer Third!

OVER 1.6 Million Views! Thanks to our partner Sweet Protection, we manage for the seventh time in a row to go way beyond the million view mark!

With film makers from the four corners of the world, the Short Film of the Year Awards have now reached the international status we aimed for when we created this contest, and is seen as the reference for film producers around the world, and TV broadcasters alike when it comes down to paddlesports film production.

A high level of quality made it really hard for the judges and voters alike to decide on who will win. A close call to say the least.

49 entries, 11 finalists, the best of whitewater kayaking on film every year. A huge congrats to all entrants, Legends all!

NB: 50% is based on a panel of whitewater and filmmaking professionals, 50% based on online votes.

The jury: Darcy Graetcher (Usa), Marlene Devillez (France), Anup Gurung (Nepal), Andrew Kellett (South Africa), Capo Rettig (Usa), Manik Taneja (India), Jacques Gilardone (Italy), Shane Benedict (Usa).

1st Voted Best 2020 Short Film of the Year #16 – One and No More, by Mikel Sarasola $2000.00 cash prize

2nd #46 Innbrooklyn, by Adrian Mattern & Bren Orton  (SEND)> $1000.00 cash prize

3rd #31 , A little Rapid Somewhere in Tibet by Olaf Obsommer > $500.00 cash prize

4th #34 A Chilean Whitewater Odyssey, by Circle Boof Team
5th #9 A Short Film About Ben Stookesberry, by Chris Korbulic
6th #4 Indus from the Sky, David Sodomka
7th #24 Zimbabwe Whitewater Heaven, by Mike Krutyansky
8th #49 Pakidaille, Nouria Newman
9th #36 The River People, by Heather Buckingham
10th #38 Scorched, by Jeremy Nash

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