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A Short Film About Ben Stookesberry (Entry #9 Short Film of the Year Awards 2020)

Meet Ben Stookesberry, longtime kayaker and optimist. 
A kayaker and adventurer to his DNA, Ben has no choice but to go out in search of the hardest first descents on the planet.

In search of the perfect river descent, Ben has led the expedition kayaking world for a decade. With over 120 first descents and counting he’s already one of the most accomplished exploratory kayakers ever, but according to him, he is just getting started. A kayaker down to his blood, Ben Stookesberry has no choice but to get out there and try to run every obscure blue line bordering on the possible. On the river you could call him an optimist, and described by many as a wild man, he certainly has a unique fervor about him. You can’t spend the majority of a lifetime in pursuit of a single goal without obsession and not still be filled with excitement simply at the thought of the next hardest river descent.
By: Chris Korbulic From: Usa

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