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Pro Paddler Erik Boomer Stuck on a Rope Above Huge Waterfall (Wahclella Falls)

Watch and understand how and why Erik Boomer pulled off one of the craziest  (kayak) stunts ever. The Falls is located in a locked in gorge with vertical walls towering hundreds of feet above. The only way into the falls is to hike 2 hours above the canyon rim, be belayed in your kayak to the lip right above the falls, and then cut the rope yourself. To my knowledge, this has never been done before. Boomer lowered in 175 feet as we watched from the canyon far below. I really wasn’t certain how good of an idea it was. We had already spent about 5 hours in the canyon scouting, and the light was starting to fade. The rain poured down as Boomer moved cautiously down the cliff face. When he reached the water, it was clear things were pretty hectic in the canyon. He was hovering just inches above a socked in hole. He had to reach behind himself, cut the rope, and then punch a mackin hole above the lip of the 70-80 ftr (which had a marginal lip). Boomer being the mad dawg he is, somehow pulled the stunt off. He NAILED the rope cut, and then stomped the big drop. He rolled up with a big gash on his lip and a huge smile…

Words: Rush Sturges (http://theadrenalinerush.blogspot.fr/)


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