Published on May 4th, 2018 | by Kayak Session


« La Otra Cordillera » (The other mountain)

The forest industry has invaded the Nahuelbuta mountain range. A group of kayakers decides to explore these ancient mountains through the kayak descent of the Carampangue River, one of its most emblematic bodies of water, to document the impact of monoculture plantations and discover the stories of those who inhabit and defend this ancestral land. Stories of the expedition are combined with interviews to the inhabitants of this land, revealing the profound socio-environmental impact produced by the forest industry, as well as the latent beauty of this great mountain range
Paddlers: Canela Astorga, Jens M. Benöhr, Gabriel Ceballos & Paulo Urrutia
Production: Jens M. Benöhr & Nicole Ellena / Script Writer: Nicole Ellena et Jens M. Benöhr

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