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Mama Russia Ep.2 – the Serrasolses Bros in Russia

And here it is our second episode from ‘Mama Russia’. We had an awesome month in the heart of Russia, the Altai Mountains that border Siberia with Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. The country offers some of the best multidays you can ever paddle and the landscape and the scenery are amazing.

This second episode takes you down the Chulyshman river and its beautiful valley, the oh so gun Mazhoy Gorge and Presidium Canyon and the Kurkure ‘hike and huck’ waterfall followed by the Kadrin, a stout 4 day mission hike in. Really cool place we would love to go back!
Rivers: Chulyshman, Mazhoy Gorge, Kurkure waterfall and Kadrin.
Shot by: Aniol and Gerd Serrasolses
Paddlers: Aniol Serrasolses, Gerd Serrasolses, Stas and Valera, Fabian Dorfler, Egor Voskoboinikov, Alona Buslaeva, Jonas Grünewald, Michele Ramazza.
And also thanks to Kostia at Altai World and Tomass and Egor at Two Blades Adventures to make our trip possible and unforgettable!

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