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Published on février 26th, 2018 | by Kayak Session https://www.kayaksession.com/img-current-issue/upload-your-video.png

Kayak Session #65 – SPRING 2018


The SARY JAZ – A tale of deep gorges and high peaks

A team of international boaters venture high into the mountains of Kyrgyzstan for a descent of the elusive Sary Jaz. Eight days of deep gorges, high mountain peaks, alpine traverses, and world-class whitewater made it an experience of a lifetime. 

Ten Things I Love About The TOXAWAY – The Secret’s Out

The Toxaway River is a little piece of California tucked deep into the woods of North Carolina. Pat Keller takes us on a tour of this South East gem, explaining what makes it one of his favorite rivers.


Near the border of Norway and Sweden lies a remote chain of lakes connected by never-before paddled whitewater. After years of wondering what the outflows held, in July 2017 Sebastian Gründler and Ulrich Kittelberger decided it was time to find out. A three-day mission across 60 kilometers of lakes and a flooded Vuojatädno River proved that this is a region worth exploring.


Anton Prijon Senior might be the most influential man in modern whitewater history. The founder of Prijon Kayaks was a Word Champion, fathered a World Champion, paddled through the transition from folding boats to modern kayaks, manufactured some of the first blow-molded plastic boats, and forever changed the shape of the industry by creating one of the first international kayak factories. Prijon’s life story is a tale of success and chance you have to read to believe.


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