Kayak Session #58 – SUMMER 2016


Mongolia Kayak Safari – Finding whitewater in a land of dreams – Where deserts meet lakes, mountains meet prairies, and rivers bring it all together, you’re sure to find something unexpected.

Karangarua River – Adventure’s Reward – In the upper reaches of the Karangarua River on New Zealand’s rugged West Coast, the first descent team found steep, narrow gorges, significant portages, and the gratifying realization that adventure and challenge are often their own reward.

Giants of the South – Waterfalls of the Cumberland Plateau – With a rainy winter in the Southeastern US, Dane Jackson and Nick Troutman were able to explore the big drops of their own backyard.

Interview – Aaron Capo Rettig – Meet 29-year old Capo Rettig, principal of World Class Academy, organizer of the Little White Salmon Race, and author of the first guidebook for Colombia Whitewater.

Kayaking in the Czech Republic – Czech paddler David Sodomka gives us a glimpse of the whitewater that feeds this small, river-loving country.

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