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Down To The Last Drop | WET Tirol

The Oetz River is in danger, home of the Oetz Trophy and one of the most famous kayaking destinations in Europe. Up to 80% of its water is supposed to be diverted from the valley for the planned expansion of the Kaunertal Hydropower Plant. Local kayakers turned activists from WET are fighting back and have produced a short documentary film to draw attention to the expansion plans and the horrendous consequences. ‘Down to the last drop – Tyrol and its hydropower’ is a documentary film about the planned expansion of the Kaunertal power plant, hydropower in Tyrol and the question: Are we doing everything right in the energy transition?

Filmmaker Harry Putz delves deep into the unspoiled high alpine Platzertal valley, soon to be dammed into a reservoir by the plans of the Tyrolean state energy provider, TIWAG. He captures firsthand accounts from locals directly affected, alongside insights from experts and environmentalists, revealing the dire consequences of the impending project. This groundbreaking documentary confronts the planned construction of a new hydropower plant chain, set to sprawl across the entire Ötztal Alps, threatening to irreversibly alter the Ötztaler Ache—the last major glacier river in Austria untouched by mass energy exploitation. Amidst the biodiversity crisis and the looming climate catastrophe, the urgency of the situation becomes ever more apparent.
Down To The Last Drop narrates the saga of Tyrol’s last wild rivers and pristine alpine landscapes, spotlighting a burgeoning movement determined to safeguard them.

The full length film is now online as of today, to view this head over to – https://www.wet-tirol.at/drop (English Dubbed Version)
http://wet-tirol.at/tropfen (Original German Version)

Check out the trailer below!

Down To The Last Drop (Trailer) | WET Tirol

Austria, Tyrol 2023 // english-german with english subtitles // 32 minutes
Director/Screenplay: Harry Putz
Production: Freiluftdoku, WET – Wildwasser erhalten Tirol
Editorial: Marieke Vogt, Anne Stevens, Andrina Janicke
Actors: Harry Putz, Marianne Götsch, Michael Reischer, Leopold Füreder, Reinhard Scheiber, Bettina
Urbanek, Bernhard Steidl, Anita Hofmann, Zacharias Schäle, Liliana Dagostin, Adrian Mattern
Locations: Tyrol, Platzertal valley/Kaunertal valley/Ötztal valley/Innsbruck



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