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2015 Easter Corsica Kayak Sessions

The video of the 2015 Easter Corsica Kayak Sessions. By Stephane Pion/ We Are Hungry Production

Like every year for the past 6 seasons, paddlers from all over the world (19 countries) gathered from April (6-10 th 2015 ) to celebrate the start of the European paddling season with sunny days, legendary runs, and good times around the campfire, in Corsica.

The specificity of this event, is its concept: NO PLAN, NO PROGRAM! The Plan is NO PLAN ; everyone can be on their own schedule. The idea is to gather every evening, watch videos, exchange about experiences, and party… If you are on your own, or with a group that have never been to Corsica, you will find all the info you need on what rivers runs, what difficulty, put in location (and take out…), share shuttles etc etc…

History of the gathering Following the protest to save the free flowing Rizzaneze – organized in 2007 by photographer Raph Thiebaut and resulting in a gathering of nearly 150 paddlers – We (Raph Tiebaut, Stephane Pion, kayak session & Canoe kayak mag France) decided to organize a festival in Corsica every year (first edition in 2009…). The first edition went off with over 300 people showing up, the 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 saw even more people!

Photo: Anup Gurung/ JIGI Outdoor.


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