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UNLEASHED 2017 – Stage 3, Giant Slalom – Basse Cache River (Report + Results)

Every so often, days unfold that are simply too good! Even more rare is multiple days of perfection appear in the same week. A few days ago, we saw the stars align for UNLEASHED Stage 1; Big Trick Freestyle on Ruins Wave with blue skies, high stoke and ideal flows. We carried that fire to Stage 2 and a second epic section of whitewater on the Rouge river. Striving through the less than ideal weather, we competed in our second nearly flawless event in three days.

Emrick Blachette ©Seth Ashworth/Unleashed/kayaksession.com

Now, after back-to-back rest days, exploring old rivers at biblical flows and waiting for race-appropriate levels to co-operate, we arrived at the Basse Cache River. An exciting, fast and steep tributary to the Jaques-Cartier River in Northern Quebec. Our stoke (and relief) was high when we arrived Wednesday night to scout lines, visualize water levels and to start setting gates. The levels were high, but just inside what we needed to consider running the race; and after much deliberation, we decided we were ago!

Bren Orton ©Seth Ashworth/Unleashed/kayaksession.com

A crisp, clear night gave away to the rising run and a beautiful blue bird day! The course was set, the water levels dropped into our dream range for a stout but safe race and the sun was shining again after 4 days of continuous rain. The course was stacked and nerves were high, but the sun was bringing out smiles in all. The athletes rolled in and got their first looks at the course and the set gates, describing it as “stout, but runnable.” Exactly what we were looking for in an UNLEASHED Giant Slalom event, outside of comfort levels but inside skill ranges!

LP Rivest and Dane Jackson on safety duty ©Seth Ashworth/Unleashed/kayaksession.com

The athlete meeting ensued everybody getting a good look; highlighting and focusing on our safety plan and the measures we had in place to derail any potential situations. Media was still a focus on the day, but with Flow Motion Aerials flying above, we were able to devote the man power needed to safely run the race. Stage 3 commenced just after mid-day with the sun shining bright above, with mild carnage and a slight interruption from the Park Rangers, everything ran along smoothly. All athletes had a mandatory practice run down the course, encouraging slow, smooth lines to get a feel for the course and challenging gates. Following practice runs, athletes charged down the course, focusing on staying smooth and clean while also trying to lay down the fastest run of the day! Racers were allowed two runs, with their fastest lap scoring.

Adrian Mattern ©Seth Ashworth/Unleashed/kayaksession.com

Highlights of Stage 3 included the many roosting boofs off the crux move, along with the many glorious crashes in the same spot. But the standout performance belongs to 19 year-old Darby McAdams from Montana, USA. The young female charger stepped up and calmly crushed her practice lap and her first race run before going full throttle on her final run of the day! Stoke was off the charts as she pulled into the finish line on her 3rd clean run in a row, a feat accomplished by only a few racers all day! Along with Darby, young local charger Andrew Oxley fired up an extremely fast first lap of the day, putting himself in the mix! As well as to the Quebec Connection lads for rolling in with the big trucks to show us the real lines and helping our safety crew run smoothly!

Lp Rivest and Dane Jackson stoked on their rescue ©Seth Ashworth/Unleashed/kayaksession.com

As the sun sets, and the Stage 3 edit bender commences, the most thrilling and stressful event is in the past. The Giant Slalom honestly loomed above our heads as the most challenging and dangerous event to host in this 4 Stage event. With 1 event remaining, we can let out a sigh of relief as move farther North into land of the giants in search of the perfect wave for Stage 4 on Saturday!

©Seth Ashworth/ unleashed / kayaksession.com

UNLEASHED 2017 – Stage 3, Giant Slalom – Basse Cache River Results

MENS Results:

1st: Dane Jackson, 1;17.97

2nd: Kalob Grady, 1;24.49

3rd: Adrian Mattern, 1;26.06

4th: Andrew Oxley, 1;26.80

5th: Raoul Collenteur, 1;27.43

6th: Emrick Blanchette, 1;27.47

7th: Bren Orton, 1;27.55

8th: David Silk, 1;28.17

9th: Arthur Paulous, 1;29.11

10th: Seth Ashworth, 1;34.76

11th: Paul Palmer, 1;37.73

12th: LP Rivest, 1;41.20

13th: James Rowlinson, 1;42.14

14th: Devyn Scott, DNS

15th: Doug Cooper, DNS

Womens Results:

1st: Darby McAdams, 1;45.35

2nd: Gen Royer, DNF

3rd: Jordan Slaughter, DNF

4th: Brooke Hess, DNS

5th: Katie Kowalski, DNS





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