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Unintentionally Open-Boating… (Entry #26 Beaters For All 2023)

Nathan Anderson has a moment and completely forgets to put on his spraydeck! Check it out to see how it goes…

« I was so focused on running the drop that I took my helmet off, licked the camera, put the helmet back on, and just went for it without even putting the skirt on the boat. I didn’t even know that I forgot to attach the skirt until later when I looked back at the footage. I’ve never forgotten to put my skirt on before and still can’t believe I did this. Oops!!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

Every time I sit in the boat now, I just remember this moment. I now more throughly check everything as I don’t want to have another moment like this, especially on something of more consequence. I’m glad that things worked out in the end.

A few of my friends had already gone through and were waiting at the bottom for me. Also, 2 of my friends were hanging out on shore waiting for me to come through before they ran it. They were also ready in case something went wrong. »

By: Nathan Anderson

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Disclaimer: Originally, we created the Beater For All Video Contest with fun beaters in mind (kayakers getting worked and swimming out of it (or not…) with a smile. However, we have been receiving more and more videos showing scary & sketchy situations, some being real close calls. This created a debate among us, enriched by comments from viewers: should we or should we not show those videos? By encouraging and magnifying carnage and beatering, do we promote it? Do viewers forget the dangers of kayaking? We think otherwise. We came to the conclusion that those videos can be educative and show how dangerous the sport of whitewater kayaking can be, and how nasty and quickly can a situation turn from funny to bad. By showing those videos, we firmly believe that these can create discussions and a space for exchange about what could/should have been done to avoid such situations, which will ultimately lead to increases in safety and river knowledge. Note, we never show videos in which people would get hurt badly, or even worse, showing fatal accidents. Last but least, the videos are submitted by their authors, most time the « victims » themselves. NB, We do not poach videos.

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