2023 Level Six Beaters For all – How to participate

Welcome to the 2023 Level Six Beaters For All Video Contest

For the 6th time, Kayak Session Magazine organizes Beaters For All, a paddler’s carnages video contest presented by Level Six

King of Beater: Short video featuring one beating only

Videos  showcasing kayakers, canoeists, rafters getting beat, punished, hammered, ending or not with a swim.

Rules : For films to be accepted no one was seriously injured in the footage shown (let’s keep it fun !…), no sponsors logo please.

Timing : April 1st 10th – DECEMBER 1st 2023

Prizes :

King of Beater

1st Place: $500.00 + Level Six Safety Kit

2nd Place: $150.00 + Level Six Safety Kit

3rd Place: $100.00 +Level Six Safety Gear

Entries will be equally judged upon views and quality of the beating. The gnarlier the better…

NB> Videos will be posted on our facebook accounts as well as youtube and vimeo accounts and potentially Instagram. We possibly will use some of those footage for promotional purposes.

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