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Big Water Explorations in Tibet, Ep1.

Mid-July Bren Orton, Adrian Mattern left towards Southern Asia and joined an international group of kayakers (Olaf Obsommer, Jochen lettmann, Andi Brunner, Nouria Newman, Giordino Farina, Matthias Deutsch, and Thilo Wietzke)  to go and explore the whitewater in Tibet in the middle of the monsoon looking for BIG water. Being known as the roof of the world and containing the tallest mountains in the world left us to wonder what rivers must lie deep in the heart of the Himalayas. There has been a lot of expeditioning going on in countries like Nepal or India, but there are still a lot of places, rivers, and countries which haven’t necessarily been on the list of kayaking expeditions. There have been a few trips to Tibet done by kayakers, the most famous one probably being Scott Lindgren’s trip to the Tsang Po, but the eastern part still largely remains untouched, just waited to be explored. So we followed the call and sent it to Tibet. Stand by for more episode.
By: Bren Orton & Adrian Mattern

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