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The Good Times – (Entry#7 Short Film of the Year Awards 2016)

Whitewater based trips are by no means about the massive rapids or big drops. Yes, huge whitewater does look spectacular on film, but is that really the reason for letting your fondness of paddling take you other places? Is that really what just happens on a trip? No. Paddling trips are about the culture, unique experiences, friends you make along the way, and everything else you find unique to your journey. When you simply limit yourself to whitewater, you only get one side of the story and your involvement in the traveling experience is minimal. My hope is that this provided the a glimpse of the incredible experiences others and I are lucky enough to have through paddling and not just one side of the story! The Good Times – (Entry#7 Short Film of the Year Awards 2016)
By: Dylan McKinney From: Usa

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