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Senders EP05 | Kayaking Paradise in California

Check out the latest edit from Senders as they get on another Cali Classic – The Upper Cherry with the infamous Cherry Bomb Gorge! With a lengthy hike in to start off through some panoramic scenery to then hop into long consistent whitewater that the Upper Cherry provides! With a good crew and stoke levels high even among the « younguns » as Bren quotes! Cali never fails to provide!

Josh Dias-Smith

« What an incredible piece of nature! It feels like the whole river has been polished! It was a childhood dream for me to kayak down this river and it felt incredible to finally drop in there with some of my best mates and some up and coming shredders! Great times out there! Huge thanks to everyone that supports these edits and helps me to keep doing what I do! If you’re interested in supporting this channel and these episodes please consider subscribing on Patreon for easy access to videos, hitting the PayPal donate link, buying a Send shirt or just plain subscribing to this channel and sharing the videos. It all helps me to keep brining you these edits for free and to send it in my kayak with my best mates!

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Cheers for watching and I hope you’re all having a great summer! Massive thanks to Issac Hull, Huw Butterworth and Dane Jackson for the additional shots. You can follow them and the rest of the crew here :
Huw Butterworth : https://www.instagram.com/huwkayak/
Dane Jackson : https://www.instagram.com/danejackson...
Kalob Grady : https://www.instagram.com/kalobgrady88/
Lorenzo Vellutino : https://www.instagram.com/lorenkayaker/
Killian Ivelic : https://www.instagram.com/kilianivelic/
Pedro Bakovic : https://www.instagram.com/pedrobakovic/
Bren Orton : https://www.instagram.com/bren.orton/
Thilo Schmitt : has a real job and doesn’t need social media.

By: Bren Orton

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