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Sary Jaz Expedition – Kyrgystan (Full length movie)

The Sary Jaz is not just any river. It flows from icy streams below the Engilchek glacial at the foot of Khan Tengri (6995m) in the Tian Shan mountain range – Kyrgyzstan A 10 day mixed class 5 kayaking and mountaineering adventure on the boarder zone of China that can only be completed in late summer after a glacial outburst flood has eliminated the risk of massive flash flooding in the inescapable canyon. The river finishes its journey disappearing below the sands of theTaklamakan desert in Xinjang province china – The Sary Jaz never reaches the ocean! *turn it up, relax and enjoy 15mins in another world – the craziest bits are near the end!*

From the author: Full film is finished! …and its a tough one to Introduce! This trip means a massive amount to me. It will be remembered as my last ever trip with the-man-the-myth-the-legend Sam P Grafton and easily the most all around challenging expedition I have ever done. It was absolutely classic to put this trip together with Sam over many, many emails and Skype calls, Sam’s motivation was relentless and without him I don’t know if this trip would have come to fruition. 

By:  Adrian Kiernan

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