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Return to the Ditch – (Entry #44 Short Film of the Year Awards 2016)

le/ga/cy |ˈleɡəsē|
Legacy: 1 word, 2 syllables. Ben Marr, Rush Sturges : 2 kayakers, one Kayak.
Whitewater kayakers Ben Marr and Rush Sturges unite and literally connect to tackle the final outstanding goal in the progression or whitewater kayaking. Without intending to they have changed the sport, opening up a whole new world of possibility. After the feat Rush was quoted: « I think its time for Benny and I to take a step back, and watch how the community and culture of kayaking change in the light of this new realm. Its the only way we can really figure out what to do next… » Benny had this to say,  » I really went flat out leading up to this, that mission in Papua New Guinea really benefited me in the logistics of getting the boat to the top of that beast, and the techy rope system I had to set up for a safe drop in. Rush’s film career has really peaked in this film, I don’t think either of us really know what to do next… »
By: Ben Marr & Rush Sturges (River-Roots.com) From: Hmmm too embarassing to say…

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