Published on February 4th, 2013 | by Kayak Session


Preventing Kayaking Injuries – Feldenkrais

Its really nice to huck waterfalls but we need to take care of our backs if we want to continue paddling when we are older!! Feldenkrais is a body method that aims to reduce pain or limitations in movement, to improve physical function, and to promote general wellbeing by increasing students’ awareness of themselves and by expanding students’ movement repertoire. The movements in feldenkrais have enabled me to paddle harder water and longer hours with less effort, no pain and no stiffness.

Category: Preventing kayaking Injuries
Behind the camera: Gabriel Côté-Valiquette
Paddlers: Angela Buecket, Kait Nicol
Location: Kamloops, BC
Music: Emancipator – Soon It Will Be Cold Enough
Production: Tango Cinema

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