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Discover the reimagined rapids of Ötztal post a historic flood. Join Bren Orton and crew as they explore the transformed sections in the valley!

« Ötztal has been a Mecca for whitewater kayakers of all abilities for decades.. A 100 year flood struck the valley this year and changed all of the rapids we have come to know forever. Many people simply decided that the rapids had not changed for the better, without bothering to see for themselves. The rumours that Ötztal was ruined forever spread rapidly throughout the kayaking community around the world. Myself and my friends set out to re-discover and document all of the new sections and hopefully prove the naysayers wrong.
This video was supported by my friends at Source2Sea. For more information on kayak coaching and guiding throughout Europe or to purchase some new kayaking equipment please check out their websites below.
https://s2s.at/en/ https://s2s-shop.com

Huge thanks to @OlafObsommer for providing the archive footage of the AKC! To see some of his own kayaking movies click this link https://www.obsommer.de« 

By: Bren Orton

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