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Mission East to West (Nepal) #2 – Lost Souls

Nepal whitewater legend Anup Gurung is back with another masterpiece project. In the next five months, he and a team of top Nepali paddlers, aim to cross Nepal from east to west, paddling all the rivers on his way, but also explore, witness, and document his fast-changing, beloved country as it confronts globalisation. We are super proud here at kayak session to be aboard with this team and bring you regular updates on this amazing mission that goes way beyond kayaking.

Update #2, In loving memory of Cass, Mariano and Adrian.
The more days we pass, the better we know each other. We’ve had many highs and lows, yet we haven’t forgotten that we need to spend 5 months together. So we respect each other’s decision and move on. We may not always tell each other, but we do fear what one bad decision might do to our trip or to us. But we are here as a team, it is one of our strengths that we know our skills on an off the water. So, when one makes a decision, we respect it and we do our best to support the decision of our team member. Often looking at the river brings excitement, but sometimes it reminds us of places and people we have lost. In less than 2 months, we have lost three good friends who were all great paddlers of their level and great souls. We all take lines we are confident about, but these losses are a humble reminder of how strong our rivers are, and how Mother Nature always wins. All of these friends we were hoping to paddle with at some point during this mission. That time is now gone, but we will have them in our hearts as we continue our journey.

Paddlers: Hari Ali, Tarjan Gurung, Roshan Lama and Anup Gurung
Edit: Anup Gurung

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