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Kayak Session #85 – Spring 2023 (Out March 15th)

Mission: Arunachal Pradesh, India – Return to the Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains

For Manu Vink Wackernagel, a kayaking trip to the storied waters of Arunachal Pradesh was a long-held dream. For Kristof Stursa, it was unfinished business. For Max Rayner, it was a reminder to surrounder to the power of currents unseen and be willing to trust the process.

Destination: New Veins – Whitewater of the New River Gorge

Corey Lilly’s grandfather made his living working veins of coal beneath the mountains of southern West Virginia. Today, Corey, like many others, looks to the rich density of whitewater coursing through the hills and hollers of the New River Gorge, bringing new life and opportunities to the towns surrounding the Kanawha River Basin.

Zoom in: Summer of Storms – Endless Rain in New Zealand’s Bay of Plentys

As La Niña moved the jet stream north over the eastern Pacific, New Zealand’s North Island was hit with storm after storm, wreaking havoc on a typical Okere Falls summer and bringing in runs in the Kaimais with a consistency Rob Collister used to dream about.

Interview – Bartosz Czauderna

Love it Live it’s Bartosz Czauderna was first introduced to the magic of freestyle kayaking on the flatwater of Poland. Now, he is sharing that love and breaking down barriers to freestyle progression—no features required—with the publication of his new book, Freestyle Unlocked.


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