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Published on mars 7th, 2023 | by Kayak Session https://www.kayaksession.com/img-current-issue/upload-your-video.png

Kayak Session #84 – Winter 2022 (November 15th)

Destination: A Northern Realm of WhitewaterHigh Water Nordland

In the tiny town of Trofors, Norway, thundering rapids and endless wilderness have long provided an escape for the paddler seeking to get off the grid. This summer, high water proved what those living there already knew: the future of Norwegian whitewater is in the north. 

Zoom in: Grand Canal The Legacy of Augsburg’s Eiskanak

Not far from the city of Augsburg, Germany, a small offshoot of the Lech River has changed the course of paddling history. In July 2022, the “Eiskanal,” as the man-made slalom course is affectionately known, hosted the slalom World Championships, celebrating 50 years of competition and community.

Spotlight: Dream Tides Summer Sessions at Skookumchuck Narrows

Is it possible to sit still while moving? To venture into another dimension while remaining in the same place? Surfing the Skookumchuck Narrows posits, yes. Benny Marr reflects on lessons learned from what is might be the kayak community’s most iconic surf wave.

Interview: Abe Herrera

Guide, coach, safety guru, river advocate: As Abe Herrerra knows well, in Ecuador, it is impossible to be one without the other. Abe speaks to the rising challenges of ensuring the existence of Ecuadorian rivers for the future and why bringing the community together is more important than ever.


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