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Jungle Mission Rio Caqueta (Colombia)

When Tyler Bradt comes out of mission and tells the world he’s broken, tired, on the doorstep of Dengue and that he just finished 18 days and 1,000 km through one of the most rugged, uninhabited and guerilla-infested parts of Colombia, you know that something savage happened out there. What actually happened when Jules Domine and Tyler Bradt went seeking big water in the dense, saturated jungles of Colombia? When Bradt landed his sailboat Wizards Eye in Colombia on May 10th 2016 and met up with the Frenchman-turned Medellin local Jules Domine, it was the making of a great adventure. Dive into the jungles of Colombia with two of the world’s best expedition kayakers – taste the cacao leaves, feel the mist on your face and try to survive the journey the Araracuara Canyon.

Filmed by Jules Domine and Tyler Bradt
Narrated by Tyler Bradt.

Full Story to be found in KS#60


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