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Interview: What’s Next for Aniol Serrasolses

What’s next for Aniol Serrasolses? Taking the win at North Fork Championship, launching the SBP foundation, starring feature film Legacy, accomplishing the first descent of La Leona Falls and recently managing a solo and record time Stikine Lap, are only some of this year’s highlights for the unstoppable Catalonian paddler. We caught up with Aniol on his way to Chile to reflect on his life journey as a professional kayaker and discover his near future plans.

©Lachie Carracher – Ram Falls

Would you agree this has been one the most important year in your career as an athlete?
It’s been a crazy year ! I’m standing at the end of the year more motivated and grateful than ever. For me North Fork is the biggest event in kayaking, taking the win was a long time dream of mine… It has been so inspiring to share projects with Scott Lindgren, a true legend that redefined the sport. Above all the Serrasolses Brothers Program has been a turning point for my brother and I…

©Lachie Carracher – Ram Falls

SBP is a great contribution to the community and you’ve managed to put together two editions already. Were will the tour head next?
Thank you! Chile and India were mind-blowing experiences. Our main goal is to promote river conservation and learning opportunities for all so it’s really fulfilling to watch these kids feel responsible for their local watersheds and optimistic about their future as kayakers. If we get all necessary funding the tour will head next to Peru, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

©NFC – Left to Right. Dane Jackson, Aniol Serrasolses, Gerd Serrasolses

Rumour has it that you will actually be teaching to a broader audience. How can kayakers support the program?
Yeah I am actually very excited to announce that anyone can support the program now by joining us on an all-inclusive week of kayak training in wild Patagonia. We will be teaching what we know best… how to have fun on extreme whitewater in a safe and technical way. We have partnered with the Toro Family from Cara Del Indio Lodge to secure the best spot in Futaleufu and have a good taste of the local culture.

©SBP – 1st SBP program last year on the banks of the mighty Futaleufu with local kids.

Like climbing with Alex Honnold or surfing with Kelly Slater… now you can take kayak lessons with the Serrasolses Brothers? Unreal! Where do we sign up?
You can find all the information on our website , we have 6 spots per group and will offer a « friends & family » fare on our first season. All income will be donated to SBP. We have worked on a very intense format so we cover all aspects of whitewater kayaking and guests can notice improvements right away. We will take care of everything from lodging, transportation and food to daily activities; all they have to do is land in Chile!

©Tait Trautman – Gerd & Aniol Serrasolses

Chile seems to be a place you are always going back to…
I definitely have a special bond with South America. That’s where I decided to fully dedicate my life to kayaking. It has it all: beautiful waterfalls, big volume Rivers, tall mountains… This is definitely why we are doing the kayak clinics in Chile… It’s the perfect place to learn and progress.

©Jeremy Allen

Tell us a bit more about that 80-feet waterfall in the Claro River. Is it the last one for you?
This waterfall within the Siete Tazas National Park in Chile has been on my list for a long time. To access it we had to paddle a sequence of continuous class V rapids inside a deep gorge. It was the last piece of unpaddled whitewater so now all the sections are linked. I’ve told myself before I’m done with big waterfalls… but when I less expect it I fall in love with a new project. Chile is an adventure paradise where I want to continue pushing the limits of the sport.

©Anup Gurung – Aniol & Gerd during a Mission in Iceland last year

Do you see a new generation up and coming? What’s the best piece of advice you Could give them?
There’s some Amazing kayakers coming up…. So excited to see what they do next. The best piece of advice I Could ever give them is to find their own path. To not give up to the pressure of doing too much too soon in order to prove themselves to the World. I would tell them to really enjoy their days on the water cause the first years fly by and are always some of the best .

©Tait Trautman – Salto Nilahue (Chile)

More info on how to support the SBP programs an guided trip down in Chile with Aniol go to The Serrasolses Bros guided trips webpage

©SBP Aniol @ Gerd Serrasolses






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