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Inside UNLEASHED x Uganda – Final Results

What a phenomenal week of competition, progression, fear and stoke! Unleashed x Uganda has come to an end, congratulations to all of the athletes that competed in what was by far the most revolutionary event ever held on the Nile. With the worlds first Dead Dutchman boater x being the pinnacle moment of fear amongst the competitors, the event also raised the bar on what is possible on rapids such as Itanda and sent the beloved and soon to be destroyed Nile Special wave off in style!

Dane Jackson and Darby McAdams retained their titles as Unleashed champions and local hero’s Yusuf Basilarwa and Amina Nakirya cemented their status as some of the best big water kayakers in the world with second place finishes. Canadians Kalob Grady and Katie Kowalski rounded out the top three in the mens and womens. There where some surprise results throughout the event and unfortunately several athletes had to withdraw from the event with injuries. Still at the end of the week of competition, everyone was unbelievably stoked! 

Women’s Overall Results

1st Darby McAdams

2nd Amina Nakirya

3rd Katie Kowalski

4th Lowri Davies

5th Aoife Harrahan

Mens Overall Results

1st Dane Jackson

2nd Yusuf Basalirwa

3rd Kalob Grady

4th Quim Fontane

5th Sadat Kawawa

6th Tom Dolle

7th Raoul Collenteur

8th Quentin Kennedy

9th Craig Ayres

10th Bartosz Czauderna

11th Jakob Hanoulle

12th Kaelin Friedenson

13th Tom Dunphy

14th Andrey Pesterev

15th Seth Ashworth

16th Alan Ward

17th Musa Mutumba

18th Val Bernard 

19th Nick Beavis Did not compete in all stages

20th Bren Orton Out with an injury after 2nd event

21st Adrian Mattern *Out with an injury after 3rd event*

22nd David Silk *Did not compete in stage 2 due to injury*

23rd Seb Clermont *Did not compete at all stages*

24th LP Rivest *Out with an injury after Stage 1*

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