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Inside the 2018 Green Race: Sweet Lines, Love, and Beatering

Like every year whitewater legend Shane Benedict is covering the Annual Green Race for us at Kayak Session mag. Here is the final edit. A Huge thanks to him and to you all people of the Green Race!

The Sights and Sounds of the 23rd Green Race. The 2018 Green Race delivered yet again with a record crowd, and nearly 3 hours of racers navigating through the Greatest Show in Sports. This year 171 people surged from the start line in hopes of achieving a goal. For some it was victory, for others redemption, friendly competition, or just trying to get to the bottom. As always the Green River delivered every story imaginable from the sweet smell of success to bitter taste of beatering. Thanks to the thousands of people that lined the banks to cheer everyone on, to all the volunteers that make the event happen, and to the racers for putting it on the line. Remember racers though I laugh and joke I always want you to have great lines. That said I have had my fair share of beat downs and carnage and I know it is pretty fun to watch. So drink your bootie beer and enjoy the ride. Thanks, Shane Benedict.

>Read The 2018 Green Race Report & Results


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