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Gopro Slow Motion Kayaking

Of course a proper slow motion camera is way better than a little compressed helmet cam like the GoPro 4/black but it is still interesting how much possibilities you get with those little waterproof cameras. An another great advantage is the price for sure. For around 500 Euro you will be able to film in FullHd with 120 fps and even by HD ready you can choose 240 fps. What about the quality in those different settings? This video is showing a lot of different light konditions, frame rates, camera angels and a bunch of great different perspectives in one of the best sport you can make. So the sense of this video is that you make your self a impression of the quality of the footage.

The footage for this video is recorded in  France (Corsica), Italy (Piermonte) and Swizerland (Ticino).

Filming and editing:  Ben Jung

Music: Fenda Heads

Paddlers: Markus Bottler, Julian Schäfer, Ben Jung, Simon Gegg, Heiko Franzke and Lukas Gegg

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