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Exploring Michoacan, Mexico (Episode #5 SERIES FINALE )

The kayakers search for more new rivers as their expedition draws to a close. Unfortunately, they encounter low water on many of their scouting missions and decide to return to the Rio Hoyo del Aire to finish on a high note.

Exploring Michoacan, Mexico (Episode #5)

Watch Episode#1: https://www.kayaksession.com/exploring-michoacan-mexico-episode-1/

Watch Episode#2https://www.kayaksession.com/exploring-michoacan-mexico-episode-2/

Watch Episode#3https://www.kayaksession.com/exploring-michoacan-mexico-episode-3/

Watch Episode#4: https://www.kayaksession.com/exploring-michoacan-mexico-episode-4/

Paddlers: Juan Antonio de Ugarte (PER), Dane Jackson (USA), Ciaran McArdle Heurteau (FRA), Seth Ashworth (ENG), Rafa Ortiz, (MEX) and Joel Kowalski (CAN).

The full story can be found is Kayak Session #49 – spring 2014 > HERE

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