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Exploring Michoacan, Mexico (Episode #3)

In November 2013, an international group of paddlers set out for a three-week exploratory expedition into one of Mexico’s wildest backcountries. Despite being plagued by drug war violence, the whitewater potential in Michoacan will have kayakers soon returning to La Tierra Caliente.

Episode#3: The group is eager to get back to paddling and tackles the much anticipated Rio Hoyo del Aire. The challenges of exploration and first descents is risky gamble, but the team is betting on a big payoff. On a trip to the local market, the team attempts to assimilate into the culture and blend in, with sombreros, ponchos and fake mustaches.

This is Episode #3. More to follow.

Watch Episode#1: https://www.kayaksession.com/exploring-michoacan-mexico-episode-1/

Watch Episode#2: https://www.kayaksession.com/exploring-michoacan-mexico-episode-2/

Paddlers: Juan Antonio de Ugarte (PER), Dane Jackson (USA), Ciaran McArdle Heurteau (FRA), Seth Ashworth (ENG), Rafa Ortiz, (MEX) and Joel Kowalski (CAN).

The full story can be found is Kayak Session #49 – spring 2014 > HERE

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