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EkstremsportVeko 2017 – Holy Diver Giant Slalom Report + Results + Gallery

New this year in the Ekstremsportveko program, the Holy Diver Giant  Slalom. An extreme kayaking race comprised of multiple giant slalom gates through the last 2 major class IV+ – V rapids of the classic lower Myrkdalselva. 


Evolution. Of gear. Of technique. Of skills. And of races. The Holy Diver Giant Slalom is a fine exemple of that. A challenging and steep pearl of class 5 whitewater in a fairytale scenario, an amphitheater of mountains where the Myrdalen river is the protagonist. The first rapid pushes you far right, the gate is far left. The second boof is not to be missed, otherwise the consequences could be dramatical. Second gate is located in an eddy that you have to fly over to take it downstream.

Dag Sandvik ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

A couple more rapids and finally here it is, the Holy Diver. Just a huge waterfall/slide where all the water flushes on a small pool and it is nearly impossible to have two identical lines, even for the most talented paddlers.

Nicolas Caussanel ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

This year the show was guaranteed and athletes from all over the planet challenged themselves on this race course through the last stroke;  Flips, quick rolls, edge control were the keys factor during this event, as well as recovering from the previous night 

Dane Jackson ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

In the End, what could be the greatest surprise is that Dane Jackson did not end up on top of the podium… instead it is the french slalom machine, Nicolas Caussanel, who actually moved to Voss for the season and will work for the legendary KayakVoss, who scored the fastest run, followed by Michele Ramazza (Italy) and Jamie Sutton (NZ). 

 By: Jacques Gilardone

Joe Rea-Dickins ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Halvor Hegger ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com


Bren Orton ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Dereck Murphy ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com


Julian Stocker ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Dane Jackson ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Filippo Brunetti ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Joe rea-Dickins boof into the eddy to catch the downstream gate #2. ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Mark Basso (Can). One could not win at gate #2, but many lost precious time getting stuck in the eddy ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Filippo Brunetti ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

Mark Basso ©ekstremsportveko/kayaksession.com

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