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Dane Jackson Take on the Wake of Two Yachts

Watch Red Bull athlete World Champion kayaker Dane Jackson, on a mission like no other. Dane is best known for launching into first descents of waterfalls, racking up first place finishes in whitewater and freestyle kayaking, and chasing falls across the globe. The Tennessee native continues to innovate his sport as he rides the wake of two yachts off the coast of Biscayne Bay in Miami, FL.

Dane has a knack for sending it in style. Dane previously rode the wake of two wakeboarding boats, which generated a social buzz far beyond the kayak community. Last year, he upped the ante as he kayaked off the coast of Florida with the help of wakeboarding legends, Parks Bonifay, Brian Grubb and Bob Soven.

By the Numbers: Jackson gives the term “Yacht Ride” new meaning as two 90-foot yachts simulate the perfect wave for kayaking. The yachts travel North and South in Biscayne Bay at a 45-foot distance, with speeds at an 11.5 knot average in 10-foot waters.

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