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US Olympic Slalom Trials at the Newly Opened Riversport Rapids OKC.

Words & Photos by Tom Dunning.

Oklahoma may be known more for its rich American western history and tornadoes but now it can also be known for its whitewater rafting & kayaking center Riversport Rapids OKC.

The best whitewater slalom paddlers in the USA came to Oklahoma City May 7th and 8th for the US Olympic team trials. The event was the first held at the new center located in the city’s Boathouse District which is a short walk from downtown Oklahoma City. The $45 million venue was designed by former Olympian Scott Shipley and will offer the public both whitewater rafting and kayaking.

Among the competitors in Oklahoma City were Olympic qualifiers  Michal Smolen in Men’s K1 and Casey Eichfeld in Men’s C1 and top American paddlers Dana Mann and Ashlee Nee in Women’s K1; Eichfeld and Devin McEwan in Men’s C2 and Sage Donnelly in Women’s C1.

Other top performers included Richard Powell  and Tyler Uthus in Men’s K1; Anna Ifarraguerri in Women’s K1 and Zach Lokken and Tad Dennis in Men’s C1.

Hundreds of fans attended the first ever whitewater kayak and canoe trials held in this part of the United States.

Watch the full results: HERE.

Ashley Nee Womens K1

Ashley Nee ©Tom Dunning/kayaksession.com

C2 Lokken smolen 2

Lokken smolen 2 ©Tom Dunning/kayaksession.com

k1 mens tyler uthus westfall final

tyler uthus westfall final ©Tom Dunning/kayaksession.com

k1 womens dana mann (1 of 1)k1 womens dana mann (1 of 1)

tyler uthus westfall ©Tom Dunning/Kayaksession.com

©Tom Dunning/Kayaksession.com

mens canoe casey eichfeld ©Tom Dunning/Kayaksession.com

casey eichfeld ©Tom Dunning/Kayaksession.com

mens kayak michael smolen

mens kayak michael smolen ©Tom Dunning/Kayaksession.com

mens kayak oran huff

oran huff ©Tom Dunning/Kayaksession.com

sage donnelly

sage donnelly ©Tom Dunning/Kayaksession.com


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