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UNLEASHED Quebec MMXIX – Stage 1, Video + Results

Stage 1, Big Trick Style Video + Results presented by Jackson Kayaks
by: Kalob Grady
The sun sparked over the horizon, and mist rose over the Ottawa River; steam emanated from SEND’s coffee mugs on a uncharacteristically warm spring morning.

Stage 1 of UNLEASHEDxQuebec unfolded yesterday under the best conditions.  Record breaking river flows have descended upon the Ottawa River basin and uncovered dormant giants from there sleep.  Stage 1 took place in the Big Trick freestyle format on a newly discovered wave being called ‘The Rib’.  Named for a unpredictable rib that forms through the middle of the feature, this wave is dynamic, rowdy and big.  Typical Stakeout wave. 22 athletes from 8 different countries kicked off UNLEASHEDxQuebec 2019 in epic fashion.  Competing in 2 heats, each group had 2 hours on the wave to throw the best 3 tricks in their repertoire.  Combo’s count as 1 trick, and style, air and difficulty were rewarded.

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Stage 1 Big Trick Style Results 
01. Dane Jackson USA
02. Kalob Grady CAN
03. Leif Anderson USA
04. Bren Orton GBR
05. Tom Dolle FRA
06. Arthur Paulus FRA
07. Hayden Voorhees USA
08. Jakub Hanoulle BEL
09. Tom Dunphy IRL
10. Nat. Anderson USA
11. Luke Pomeroy CAN
12. Peirce Huser CAN
13. Quinton Kennedy CAN
14. Darby McAdams USA
15. Sam Duff CAN
16. Garrett Madlock USA
17. Seth Ashworth CAN
18. Michael Ferraro USA
19. Andreas Brunner AUT
20. Josh Collins USA

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