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May 5th
by Kalob Grady

After an unfortunate series of natural events led SEND to cancel the 2018 UNLEASHEDxQuebec, its BACK!

A late spring melt, a stretch of heavy rain and unseasonably warm temperatures combined to create the catastrophically perfect conditions currently delivering record breaking flows to the Ottawa River Basin. This has fuelled a week of flood relief efforts and exploration as the kayaking community strives to make the most of these historic flows, while also assisting in the fight against the floods in the local area.

Over the next 10 days, the top kayakers in the World will be challenged on the best waves, and in the biggest Whitewater that Quebec has to offer in kayaking’s most innovative competition. Athletes will gather this evening at the Whitewater Brewing Company for the Unleashed opening meeting in preparation for the next 10 days. 22 competitors from 8 different countries will push each other to new heights in kayaking throughout 4 stages; 2 freestyle and 2 racing will all combine to crown 1 overall winner at the end of the competition. What makes Unleashed unique to other kayaking events is the locations are not set months in advance. As the stage days come close, the organizers decide what feature, or what rapid will ensure the most challenging and most epic day for the athletes and they chase that venue. They do not compromise for easier days or pander to spectator friendly locations, simply curating events to the best waves, or rapids they can find.

Tomorrow things are going to kick off with the Big Trick competition at one of two brand new big waves discovered this past week on the Ottawa River. Send is going to check both waves in the morning; Centurion on the Main Channel, and The Rib on the Eastern Channel to make the call on which will provide paramount conditions for Stage 1.

Following Stage 1 in the morning, the next 3 stages will potentially take place on the Gatineau River, the Rouge River, the Ottawa River again, the Neilson River and/or the Basse Cache River. Current levels in the area are leading SEND to be focused on these venues for the 2nd freestyle stage, and the 2 race stages, (1 high volume, and 1 low volume) as the competition slowly moves into Quebec. However, the event style dictates if a better wave forms, or a new course becomes available, you can be sure Unleashed will be looking for the best option available.

Want to follow along with the competition? Stay tuned into the @wearesend Instagram page for constant updates on stages, locations, action and behind the scenes shots and stories.

Lastly, and more importantly. SEND is aware the locations for these stages are remote and discourage spectators from attending. However, we strive to have full stage edits of the highest quality uploaded to the SEND Facebook page and SEND IT Youtube channel at 8am EST the morning following events for everyone to stay up to date with all the action that is about to unfold.

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