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Turbulences (Entry #11 Short Film Awards 2023)

« I’ve always wanted to capture kayaking from new perspectives. Generally, as we progress as kayakers, we learn to read water from an extremely narrow lens. The goal of this project is to shine a bit more light on the substance we have come to know « so well. » A surface level understanding of water’s dynamics is shockingly naive to the greater picture of what happens below. On occasion, we can feel subsurface currents and learn from their effects on our buoyancy, yet, we are unaware of the uncontrollably foreign environment beneath us. The complexity found deep underwater is something that we will never fully grasp. I have spent a lot of time swimming in whitewater and observing river features with the hopes of finding new understandings. At times the reward of this new knowledge can be incredibly risky and quite uncomfortable. The ability to read whitewater in a compromised position proves ever so important when plan A becomes plan B. If we do not train ourselves to understand whitewater outside of our boats then we are voluntarily blindsided to a skill that could save our lives.

While this project was incredibly fun to film, I find it doesn’t do justice to the ideas I wanted to present. I feel as though the power of whitewater is something that is very difficult to express in a video. For now I am happy to showcase the beautiful intricacy of water that we try to harness. Moving forward, I would love to encourage others to pursue similar perspectives and look forward to broadening my own approach along a similar theme. Thank you for the interest, »

By: Jeremy Nash

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