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The Voorhees @ The Zambezi

There are so many incredible aspects of kayaking, but nothing can beat getting to travel and kayak with your brothers. To kick off the new year Alec, Hayden, and Connor Voorhees traveled to Zambia.

It would be their first international kayaking trip together. While older brother, Alec, and middle brother, Hayden, had been on quite a few adventures before, it was the first time that little brother, Connor could join. Experiencing the cultural surprises and wildlife of foreign destinations is one thing, but coupling that with paddling a new river alongside your siblings created a unique environment. And they didn’t check their sibling rivalry in Idaho, instead, they used the brotherly love and competition to push each other on the water.

They constantly tried to see who could get the biggest kickflip or who could have the least amount of rolls in each rapid. If we know anything about the Voorhees, this won’t be the last trip featuring this trio.

A film by: Hayden Voorhees

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